Our Mission


Alexander Pharma identifies through an accurate selection, compounds which can have a development of scientific and commercial added value. The contractual negotiation between the owners of the compounds and Alexander Pharma, allows the latter to sell unique and pecualiar pharmaceuticals products.

The current configuration of the company allows us to be able to export, market and distribute through local Distributors our pharmaceutical molecules in most parts of the world. Different skills are highlighted in the following links:


At present, the main Company’s target is to export in the world:
  • Brand Medicines
  • Medical Devices
  • Food Supplements
  • Molecule
  • Api
Alexander Pharma takes care of connection between Italian and foreign companies through:
  • Knowledge of commercial problems
  • Dispositivi medici
  • Knowledge of legal problems
  • Management problem solver made over 18 years of experience
Our team is able to support both manufacturers and distributors. We provide:
  • Advises and suggestion
  • Important contacts between Industries and foreign distributors
  • Marketing support