Indicated in adults and children aged one year of age for the treatment of infections of the eye and ocular appendages, caused by tobramycin-sensitive bacteria: acute, sub-acute and chronic catarrhal conjunctivitis; blepharitis; bacterial keratitis; dacryocystitis; Pre and post-operative prophylaxis in interventions on the anterior segment.


Tobramycin Dexamethasone eye drops, suspension is indicated for the reduction of intraocular inflammation and bacterial contamination of the ocular surface after cataract surgery in adults and children from 2 years of age.


Eye drops is indicated for the topical treatment of external eye infections of bacterial origin in patients ≥1 years of age caused by organisms sensitive to levofloxacin


Allergies and inflammation of the conjunctiva (a membrane of the eye), accompanied by excessive sensitivity to light, tearing, sensation of foreign body in the eye, pain.


The Chamomile extract contained within them, thanks to its anti-inflammatory abilities, helps to fight redness and to give comfort to tired eyes. Its action is reinforced by the Mallow extract which eliminates any sensation of dryness thanks to its lubricating properties. Ideal for redness and dry eyes due to closed or air-conditioned environments, rubbing, prolonged use of contact lenses, atmospheric agents or smog.


Indicated in the treatment of ocular dryness or lacrimal insufficiency as a lubricant and humectant.